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Everything Education offer a wide range of classes available for learners preparing for English, Maths and Science at KS2, 11+, KS3, KS4 and A Level. All lessons are taught by our fully qualified and expert tutors, where learning, progress and engagement are at the heart of each and every lesson.

Yes, Everything Education has students from all over the world. Please note: most lessons are between 10:00 and 20:00 GMT.

Yes, all of our team is made up of staff who must as a minimum have a degree in their taught subject, a PGCE in their taught subject and relevant school experience.
All of our learners have access to our Student Portal. Here learners have 24/7 access to all classwork, resources used by the teacher, access to exclusive content which is not available on social media and 24/7 access to their teacher should they wish to ask any questions.

How does our tuition work?

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As a member, you will pay a monthly fee for the weekly classes. This will also give you unlimited access to the Student Portal.

Log on, learn and discover

Your child will work with the same teacher; building a strong relationship to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Review and make progress

We will keep you in the loop every step of the way. You will get tailored feedback plus invites to parent meetings to discuss progress.

Parent and Learner Reviews:

What Do People Say?

Rated 4.9 Google
Mr V Mehta
Mr V MehtaGoogle Review
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Mr Everything English is an excellent English tuition centre to boost your grades in both English/English literature for both primary and secondary level. Assesments are given and feedback is provided, homework is given and ...
MasterMoGoogle Review
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Amazing teacher. He communicates the class to his students in a fun and enjoyable way, and has the mark scheme imprinted in his mind. He uses his knowledge to his best extent, and i am grateful to have him as a teacher.
AqsaGoogle Review
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Been sending my child here for just a few months but the progress secured during that period of time has been remarkable! Would definitely recommend Mr Everything English for a professional and high standard service.
Archana Baghwala
Archana BaghwalaGoogle Review
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My son was taking English tuition lessons for the last two years from two different tutors but after taking lessons from Mr. Everything he is performing better and his understanding about how to approach a question is greater than ever before.
Aditya Jaokar
Aditya JaokarGoogle Review
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Mr EE offers a top rate service at every level. A combination of professional expertise and academic support to get you the results you need.
Rafina Khan
Rafina KhanGoogle Review
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My son has gained a new found interest in English because of the excellent and personalised tuition he receives. Mr Everything English is extremely knowledgeable.
Imran Salam
Imran SalamGoogle Review
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My nephews love attending Mr Everything English classes. If only they felt the same way about school, Highly recommended!! Mr Everything English
Shazana Ali
Shazana AliGoogle Review
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My son now enjoys writing. This is nothing short of a miracle, he hated writing anything down and now he looks forward to his lesson and actually reads his work out for others to hear... If only they felt the same way about school, Highly recommended!! Mr Everything English